Nathan D. Gjovik

• Christopher Key

Christopher Key has owned a health club called Steel City Fitness, which specialized in health and wellness, and co-owned a company called SWAT. He also started a company called Health Management Systems that utilized a device that measures body fat.

He has been on the cover of Sports Illustrated and hehelped professional athletes and the public without drugs, chemicals, and surgery until the government came and seized everything he owned and shut him down. This happened seven years ago.


• Nathan D. Gjovik

Nathan D. Gjovik grew up on the northern plains. He briefly attended the United States Military Academy at West Point before completing engineering school and going to work for the Indian Health Service, a U.S. Government agency which is part of the U.S. Public Health Service where he served as a commissioned officer for over 21 years. Following retirement as a Captain (O-6), he then worked briefly for the Transportation Security Administration before transferring to the Veteran’s Administration.