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Hosted by legendary former Coast to Coast AM host, John B. Wells, Ark Midnight is JohnB’s new weekly syndicated terrestrial radio program. Every Saturday night, Ark Midnight reaches millions of listeners via many platforms including terrestrial radio, digital satellite, livestream and podcast.

Ark Midnight with John B. Wells delivers the very best in classic late night talk radio with the best guests and the most fascinating spectrum of topics covering today’s hottest breaking news & politics, unexplained mysteries & paranormal, science & religion, health, music & pop culture.

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Ark Midnight with John B. Wells airs ‘Live’ nationally from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. (ET) every Saturday night delivering John B. Wells’ unique wisdom, wit, warmth, insight and insatiable curiosity to his ever-growing number of devoted radio listeners, fans and “Ark Riders” from coast to coast.

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Ark Midnight Episode 162
Mahgdalen Rose, Jack Casady & Del Bigtree

Join John B. aboard the Mothership the first hour with special guest Mahgdalen Rose to cover current events & breaking news. Then in hour two we welcome musical guest Jack Casady of legendary band Jefferson Airplane to discuss his iconic rock career, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band and bandmembers and new tour with his band Hot Tuna. In the last hour Filmmaker and journalist Del Bigtree comes aboard with host John B. to go deep on the uber taboo & controversial subject of vaccines.

Ark Midnight Episode 163
Ed Butowsky, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson & Dave Dahl

Join John B. aboard the Mothership the first hour with guest Ed Butowsky to touch upon his fascinating life and career as a Dallas-Ft. Worth area Wealth Advisor and the recent controversies that he and his family have been embroiled in. Then in hour two we welcome special guest Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson to discuss the political climate in America with the popular, outspoken conservative media personality, author and minister. In the last hour former Bread-maker and entrepreneur Dave Dahl from Dave’s Killer Bread comes aboard with host John B. to discuss his interesting philosophies and views on life as well as the famous bread company he originally envisioned and started.

Ark Midnight Episode 164
Corey Lynn, Jason Bermas & Tom O’Neil

Join John B. aboard the Mothership the first hour with guest Corey Lynn of and the popular YouTube Channel CoreysDigs to discuss the anomalies surrounding the Epstein case and death. Then in hour two we welcome special guest Jason Bermas, Filmmaker, truth researcher and one of the original producers of Loose Change Final Cut to discuss his deep research on Jeffrey Epstein. In the final hour we welcome best-selling author and investigative researcher Tom O’Neil to discuss his new book on the Charles Manson murders in Hollywood, and the strange & bizarre oddities surrounding the events that took place 50 years ago in 1969.

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